“Protect your heart at all costs.” (Abra – “No Chill”)


When going through darkness we need to care more, we need to keep in touch. In times of having, we keep on learning that loss is inevitable – we were never meant to last. Eating our own trash, now we need to learn about giving and taking with more care.




choreography Rafał Pierzynski 

performing Rafał Pierzynski, Agata Grabowska
music collage (with technical support of Justyna Stasiowska)
technical realization Łukasz Kedzierski 

artistic coaching Dalija Acin Thelander 

production Art Stations Foundation by Grazyna Kulczyk 

in the frame of Solo Projekt Plus 2019 

premiere 19.10.2019 Studio Słodownia +3, Stary Browar, Poznan
special thanks to Anton Ambroziak


photos: Dawid Nickel







DIVAS is a group of performers set up by Aga Pędziwiatr and Rafał Pierzyński in 2016


for more about DIVAS works look here





POMADA Queer Festival Warsaw


Performance of Rafał Pierzyński and Ryszard Kisiel,  Pomada 'EDEN' 2018

Queer Archive of artifacts and memories from Ryszard Kisiel part of creating Polish queer history 80's relived together with performance practice of Rafał Pierzyński. Bringing together generations, reinforcing Polish queer art and community.


Performance of Rafał Pierzyński, Pomada 'Heritage' 2017

Radio Pomada by Maria Kozłowska, Robert Wasiewicz and Rysia with the live storytelling, poetry, love letters from the queer polish history together with listeners feedback and live performance of Rafał Pierzyński.


check fundriser video for Pomada 2018 with my performance from 2017



Pomada on fb: Pomada Festival






Rafał Pierzyński
Resident of message salon embassy
November 12th, 2017 to January 28th, 2018
Zine #9 – Edition of 150 Copies

Madame l’Ambassadeur Esther Eppstein
message salon embassy Zürich Nord
Baugenossenschaft mehr als wohnen

©2018 Rafał Pierzyński & Divas & message salon


For 3 months Rafał had an opportunity to be a part of a community of Hunziker Areal, in Oerlikon, Zurich where he lived and had his own studio working on performances with DIVAS and his collage works. The residency ends with a Zine release.


see the pdf. version of the zine here







TAKE OFF, 2014


Take-off is a solo improvisation score where dance appears through negotiation with my own body. I'm exploring the 'movement potential' and the 'movement to be' changing the direction before arriving, moving the future. Sometimes unexpected connections make you continue your path unusually. Before you formulate a thought there is still time for a shift. Where observer's mind finds the potential, images 'may' shortly appear. Embodied Communication.





Another Level, 2013


“Another Level” is a look at the dance performance as a dynamic process occurring in between the performers. On stage, individuals are working out a way to be together in one space. We observe possible developments inside of the process when there is no option ‘to leave’.  Falling through another levels we begin to interpret their surroundings differently.


It’s a look at another level of limitation. When one sees difficulties in every restriction, another can see opportunities in every difficulty. Working with the topic of restrictions, the performers create a dance full of possibilities. Group improvisations and discussions, as well as personal discoveries of the eight dancers, young choreographer and music composer meet in a dance performance.


Performace with the students of Institute of Dance Arts (IDA) at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz, AT realized with the support of Föredrungsstypendium A.B.P.U. and Cie. Off Verticality


Choreography: Rafał Pierzyński (Poland)

Music : Dominik Harrer (Austria)

Dance and choreography: Paweł Hawryluk (Poland) Neža Hribar (Slovenia) Michaela Hulvejová (Slovakia) Matej Kubus (Slovakia) Martyna Lorenc (Poland) Leon Marič (Slovenia) Agnieszka Pędziwiatr (Poland) Solaja Rechlin (Germany)


video trailer here